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Welcome to 3 Structures a studio specializing in the production of 3D animation for industry and computer graphics design . The company was founded in 2011 and its founder, Krzysztof Niemiec, from 1998 dealt professionally with, among others, the creation of industrial animation, 3D product visualization, digital scenography for film, TV commercials, industrial design and IT.

The main goal of the company is to create high-quality products while maintaining technical reliability as well as high aesthetics of the presented product.

Our portfolio are projects from many fields, such as 3d animation,product visualization, DTP, industrial design, photography and filming, and this is still the beginning of our search, because we are open to new challenges.

In our work, we implement current technological solutions, which is why we use 3D printing technology (FDM) more and more often, and during filming, we use modern gimbals, drones and devices that facilitate the best effect expected by our customers.

Cooperating companies receive knowledge and skills supported by experience and a unique portfolio. Our current clients come from various industries, including the manufacturing industry, film, medical, furniture, design and 3D printing industries.

We are known for our persistent work and attention to detail, our team will lead your company so that expectation becomes real.

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E: info@3structures.com
T: +48 502 082 736

3 Structures Krzysztof Niemiec

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